My name is Mirko Pohle and as an Art Director, Photographer, Designer and Fine Artist have for 15 years provided these concentrated skill sets to major companies, publications, brands, private clients and websites within the United States, as well as abroad. My qualifications and experience have allowed me to become a powerful tool for all clients of the global creative community.

Born and Educated in Zurich Switzerland and graduating with honors from The Baltimore College of Art in Maryland I've been fortunate to grow and gain precious knowledge of work management/enviroment with in firms large and small. Along with this, the work I've done as a freelancer and privately allows me to succeed and adapt in all directions of employment.

My ethic is to compulsively create, & self improve. My Leadership guides me to advance the companies, projects and people i work with. My camera inspires me to see and capture the world. My Computer allows me to convey my work and express my ideas and skills more effectively. A stack of magazine clippings, tape, and paint combined with mixed media techniques lead to my raw traditional artistic fine art work of sampling and uniting images to create playful environments.

It is a pleasure for me to be able to share this website as a portfolio to my motivations and processes; a home to all of my work and the documentation of its growth. With www.mirkopohle.com i hope it to also serve as a dose of inspiration and a gateway to communication.